PyBeach 2020

Saturday, February 29, 2020


Christopher Neugebauer
Fantastic Blocks and Where To Hide Them

Christopher Neugebauer is an Australian developer, speaker, and serial community conference organiser. He serves as a director of the Python Software Foundation, and is co-organiser of the acclaimed North Bay Python conference, a boutique one-track conference run in a live music venue in Petaluma, California.

By day, Christopher works as a Senior Software Engineer at AlphaSights, where he uses Kotlin to build communications tools that put clients around the world in touch with knowledge they need.

Christopher tweets as @chrisjrn and his website is

Dustin Ingram
Keeping fun in computing

I’m Dustin (aka @di), a Developer Advocate at Google, focused on supporting the Python community on the Google Cloud Platform. I’m also a member of the Python Packaging Authority, maintainer of the Python Package Index, and organizer for the PyTexas conference.

Dustin tweets as @di_codes and his website is

Hayley Denbraver
Don't Panic: Navigating SEP fields for Software Teams

Hayley Denbraver is a web developer in San Diego, California. She is a career switcher who used to work as a licensed civil engineer. Now she works at Snyk as a Developer Advocate–doing a bit of coding, a bit of writing, and a bit of speaking. She is a member of a two developer household, which you should consider before accepting her dinner party invitation.

Hayley tweets as @hayleydenb and her website is

James Mertz
Protected Python: It's time we had 'the talk'

James grew up staring at the stars with awe wondering what opportunities await to be discovered. Now he works at his dream job for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory helping to further our understanding of the cosmos. When he isn’t working (aka building robots), James can be found studying for his second master’s in Cyber Security, writing articles for, or teaching Intro to Python at the local community college in Pasadena. He is frequently seen at Disneyland, the beach, and the dog park alongside his wife of 10 years, 2 kids, and trusty dog SamWise.

James tweets as @mertz_james.

Jay Miller
Reinventing the Wheel (and Adding Spikes to It)!

Jay is a MultiPotentialite that is currently focusing on helping other developers create content for other developers.

Jay tweets as @kjaymiller and his website is

Julia Duimovich
PhD not required: a layperson's guide to reading journal articles

Julia is a backend developer and long time Python aficionado. She thinks a lot about how to change developer cultures to help people make better software with less of a headache. Puede hablar con Julia en español o ingles.

Julia tweets as @jduims and her website is

Lisa Dusseault
APIs are for People Too!

Lisa Dusseault is a celebrated engineer who has built her career solving complex technology problems. After Microsoft, she led internet standards groups at the IETF that enable us all to communicate and collaborate in calendars, messaging, and file-sharing. Lisa has led fast-moving engineering teams at Linden Lab and Stubhub, and founded technology startups including Klutch and ShareTheVisit. Lisa Dusseault is happy to be back in the Python community, having first attended python meetups and DjangoCon in 2008. In 2017 Lisa was a judge for the SF Python group pitch competition.

Lisa tweets as @milele.

Randall Degges
Useful Cryptography

Randall Degges is the Chief Hacker at Okta where he works on security research, development, and education. In his spare time, Randall writes articles and gives talks advocating for security best practices. Randall also builds and contributes to various open-source security tools.

Randall's realms of expertise include Python, JavaScript, and Go development, web security, cryptography, and infrastructure security. Randall has been writing software for 19 years and has built two of the largest API services in use on the internet: OpenCNAM and ipify.

Randall tweets as @rdegges and his website is